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The Wrong Marquess

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Vivienne Lorret

The Mating Habits of Scoundrels: Book 3

June 29th, 2021

USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret continues the Mating Habits of Scoundrels series with a debutante who believes she is destined to marry the lord next door until a fateful encounter with a rogue makes her wonder… if she might be falling for the wrong marquess! The wrong place… Elodie Parrish can feel spinsterhood breathing down her neck. That’s the trouble with waiting for the marquess next door her entire life. But Ellie knows if she gives him one last Season, he’ll finally propose. The only problem is, her path keeps crossing with the arrogant Lord Hullworth, who is convinced she has designs on him. The wrong time… Brandon, Marquess of Hullworth, never wanted to be “London’s Most Elusive Bachelor,” or have a horde of hopeful debutantes and their scheming mamas follow him around. His past has left him too jaded to consider marrying any of them. At least, that’s what he thinks... until he meets Ellie. She’s quirky, opinionated, blushes easily, and drives him absolutely wild. The only problem is, she believes she’s in love with someone else. Ellie never imagined that one sultry summer could change everything. But the more time she spends with Brandon researching her book on the mating habits of scoundrels, the more she starts to fall for… The Wrong Marquess

Elodie "Ellie" Parrish is a young woman who see chaos, catastrophe and death lurking around every corner. Her fear of an uncertain future has her clinging to a lifelong friendship with "boy-child" George and the promise of a safe and comfortable marriage between the two of them.

Enter Brandon.

Brandon Stredwick, Marquess of Hullworth and "London's Most Elusive Bachelor" is under siege by a gaggle of marriage hungry debutantes wherever he goes and quite fed up with all their little tricks to gain his attention. So, when he collides with a beautiful young lady at a garden party he automatically assumes the worst.

When the same young lady befriends his sister, Brandon believes his suspicions have been confirmed, but soon finds out that he couldn't have been more wrong. Even worse, there is an undeniable spark whenever they are together and there is nothing he can do about it once it becomes clear that Ellie is already spoken for.

However, some feelings just can't be denied and as their friendship grows into something more and Brandon works with Ellie to conquer her fears, it becomes clear that they are meant to be together...if only he can convince her of that!

Ms. Lorret's writing is poetry in motion, interlacing humorlessly, witty banter between characters, with breathtakingly sweet moments of tenderness and an artist's eye for detail when setting each scene.

"The dawn was still dreaming while a full moon hung over their heads, and a silver glow blanketed their path to the stables."

She has taken what could easily have been labelled a "Debbie Downer" character in Ellie and instead made her quirky, sweet, endearing and brave, and created a unforgettable hero with Brandon that would set any girls heart to flutter.

Brilliant storytelling from beginning to end, ensuring that The Wrong Marquess will definitely be placed on my "Read it again" check list.


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