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The Rake Gets Ravished

Sophie Jordan

The Duke Hunt: Book 2

February 22nd, 2022

The owner of London’s most popular gaming hell, wealthy and powerful Silas Masters, is feared by men and desired by women—except Mercy Kittinger. When the blackguard wins her family home in a game of cards, Mercy steals into Silas’s rooms, intent on destroying the proof. But things don’t go to plan…

She would have her way with him...

Caught in the act, Mercy must be bold to save herself...even if it means seducing the dangerous rogue and then disappearing with the dawn, debt voucher in hand. Safe at home and determined to settle back into her quiet, uneventful life, Mercy burns at the memory of her night spent ravishing the most compelling man she’d ever met. Thank goodness she’ll never see him again!

He didn't see her coming...

No one trifles with Silas Masters. Even if he could forget the dark-haired seductress who undid him, he can’t allow anyone to steal from him. He will hunt down the sultry woman who haunts his dreams and show her just how sweet payback can be.

I have said it before and I will say it again...grabbing up the latest Sophie Jordan novel is a complete no-brainer!

While some authors begin to feel as if they are simply "phoning it in" after producing a string of great novels, Ms. Jordan's style continues to evolve in the most delicious of ways.

In this second book of her new "The Duke Hunt" series, we meet Miss Mercy Kittinger who is cursed with a reckless, dimwit of a brother who has gambled away their home. Desperate to save their farm and home, Mercy ventures to London, steals into an infamous gambling hell and retrieves the vouchers, but then her plan goes awry.

Now, I'm not going to rehash all the details provided in the story's synopsis above and instead I will focus on why I loved this story so much that I read it twice!

I loved how Sila's quickly assesses the issues Mercy is dealing with that led to her theft of the gambling vows, but instead of just taking charge to fix things, he works along side Mercy offering the support she has never had before.

The friendship that grows from this, along with the underlying tension of their undeniable attraction to each other makes for a real page turner.

The story is both sweet and sexy in a perfect balance that makes the new conflicts that pop up at the end heartbreaking but the final resolution OH SO GOOD!

This is one you will not be able to put down until the last page is read!


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