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The Duke Goes Down

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Sophie Jordan

The Duke Hunt: Book 1

July 27th, 2021

New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan begins the all new The Duke Hunt series with the illegitimate son of a duke who meets his match in the daring daughter of a vicar. The Bastard Rogue... Peregrine Butler’s privileged blue-blooded world is rocked to the core when it is revealed he was born before his parents’ marriage and therefore is not the legal heir to the dukedom. Facing ruin, Perry must use his charm and good looks to win an heiress—all the while ignoring his fascination with the one interfering and alluring chit who is intent on sabotaging his efforts.

The Lady Vicar... Everyone knows Imogen Bates, the virtuous daughter of the senile vicar. She can write a sermon in a day and spot a rogue in a second, so she sees right through Perry’s seductive façade. But Imogen’s plan to protect the heiresses of her beloved Shropshire from the erstwhile Duke of Penning, the bane of her existence since childhood, soon turns into something altogether unacceptable for the proper lady … who suddenly finds herself longing to keep his heated glances and tempting kisses all to herself.

This story had me at dis-inherited duke vs. the vicar's daughter because you know with a combination like that and with this author telling the tale, that it is going to be good!

As children, Imogen and the ducal children were too often forced into keeping company and the results were rarely pleasant, especially for Imogen. So when the high and mighty Duke of Penning is de-throned and suddenly showing an interest in the local heiresses--whom he never gave the time of day before--something must be done.

A whispered rumor here and there seems to be doing the trick, until the man himself figures out the source and their confrontation leads to a smoldering kiss that neither one can seem to forget.

With heiresses running for cover every time he tries to approach them and the memory of a moonlight kiss with his nemesis keeping him UP at night (in more ways than one), Perry has to take a long hard look at what he really wants to do with his life now that he actually has the freedom to choose and who he would prefer to do it with. And the more time he spends with Imogen, the second part of that decision becomes much clearer but convincing her that they belong together is easier said than done.

Imogen is once bitten, twice shy having learned the hard way about the fickle affections of a handsome lord, and doesn't take Perry's apparent courtship seriously despite her growing feelings for the man and his almost relentless pursuit.

Reading along as these two clash, kiss, clash some more and eventually realize that they were meant to be together made turning every page a thrilling experience to say the least and the ending was especially sweet.


Ms. Jordan is and will always remain an author for whom I will snatch up a new title without giving it a second thought, because I know that I will never be disappointed by the story inside.


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