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The Best Marquess

Nicola Davidson

Wickedly Wed: Book 2

June 23rd, 2021

A proud spectacle-wearing bluestocking, Lady Pippa Nash is quite content to remain a spinster. No ton suitor measures up to the swoonworthy heroes in the romance novels she reads, so why bother marrying? But when her scheming grandmother arranges an unwanted betrothal, there’s only one person who can help thwart the plot—her oldest and dearest friend, Lord Finlay Knighton.

Son and heir of a cruel marquess, Finn’s rebellions are his secret pleasure toy business…and his steadfast yet unrequited love for Pippa. However, when his father unexpectedly cuts off his allowance, Finn reluctantly agrees to a plan as wild as any romance novel: to save his business, he’ll pretend to be her fiancé for the Season. Yet their mutually beneficial bargain goes awry when they are forced to wed and Finn inherits the marquessate.

While marriage brings sizzling passion and tender intimacy to their friendship; overwhelming duty, vicious gossips, bitter foes, and family secrets threaten to destroy it at every turn. Can two romance readers find their real life happily ever after, or will society tear them apart forever?

Please note this book contains explicit language and frequent sexual content.

CW: death of toxic parent, brief violence.

Pippa Nash was by far my favorite secondary character in the first book in this series, DUKE IN DARKNESS. A sassy and lovably eccentric bluestocking, Pippa is unafraid to take the bull by the balls when it comes to standing up against her overbearing bitch of a grandmother or exploring her own naughty desires.

When Pippa becomes the focus of her grandmother's latest plot to strong arm her into an unwanted marriage, asking the assistance of her life-long friend, Finley to foil her scheme is a no-brainer.

A rake "by reputation" and secret owner of a business specializing in naughty toys and books, Finley already has a lot on his plate with a dying father, a secret half-sister and priggish lords threatening to shut him down. But when the woman he's loved for most of life asks for his help he does so without thinking twice.

At the very heart of this story is a deeply embedded friendship, without boundaries that only needed a gentle push to become so much more.

Pippa and Finley are wickedly frank about their desires and you may need a cold shower after reading some of the steamier scenes, yet they both have issues sharing their innermost feelings. He out of fear of rejection and her, after a lifetime of being the rock her family has needed her to be.

However once that final barrier is broken, all secrets revealed and their enemies are conquered both finally get the passionate HEA they have always wanted.

Nicola Davidson writes extra-steamy stories that are always infused with a lot of angst, deep emotional connections and fabulous secondary characters that you can't wait to read about later. So keep one hand on your book and one with a fan handy to cool you off, because THE BEST MARQUESS has all of that more.


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