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Pleasures of the Night

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Heather Boyd

The Distinguished Rogues: Book 16

July 6th, 2021

She stole his heart, but can he walk away when another man claims to have married her first? Thaddeus Berringer has reconciled himself to a future of great riches, but also unceasing responsibility as the Duke of Exeter’s only heir. He’s in no hurry to be leg-shackled, despite his cousin’s urging. But he’s keenly interested in bed sport with a certain spinster who’s proven more wanton than wallflower. Eugenia Hillcrest’s passions and expectations for a brief fling match his own completely, delighting him in every way. But just as he’s considering the advantages of a lasting connection with her, he’s stunned to learn his perfect lover was never his to kiss in the first place. Eugenia has for years lived as a spinster, and is certain she’ll remain one. So it was with little hesitation that she begins a thrilling affair with the Duke of Exeter’s handsome heir, Mr. Berringer. She revels in every stolen kiss and caress, but expects to lose him to a wife one day. Never in a million years did she imagine she’d lose him to a husband. Her dead husband back from the grave. Confused and unconvinced, Eugenia is willing to do anything to keep control of her life—even if it means leaving her life and the man she loves more than she’d dreamed possible. Pleasures of the Night is a full-length regency historical romance from USA Today bestselling author Heather Boyd. It’s the sixteenth book in the steamy Distinguished Rogues series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I love a good story that turns the repressed and uptight rules of Regency society on its ear by featuring characters who aren’t afraid to live outside the box, on their own terms and Ms. Boyd’s latest entry in the Distinguished Rogues series, Pleasures of the Night, is a fine example of that.

Eugenia and Thaddeus are of equal minds when it comes to forming a relationship. Neither is interested in marriage; they just want to have a bit of fun and frolic beneath the sheets. But with an unusual passion like theirs, developing deeper feelings is inevitable and just when they begin to realize their relationship could possibly be more, a ghost from Eugenia’s past comes knocking on the door.

I simply adored how Thaddeus stepped up immediately, instead of blowing up before coming to his senses, like usually tends to happen in other stories when similar issues arise. Even knowing that their efforts to fix the problem could easily backfire, destroying any hope for a future together, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in with both feet when it comes to helping the woman he loves.

These two are equal parts sweet and wicked, which always combine to make a story that is too intriguing to put down until the very end.

Pleasures of the Night, is admittedly my introduction to this particular series of Ms. Boyd’s but the previous titles are already heading for my TBR list now that I know what I have been missing!


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