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Pippa and the Prince of Secrets

Grace Callaway

Lady Charlotte's Society of Angels: Book 2

September 9th, 2021

Will a lady from London's high society and a brute from its darkest streets defy destiny and find everlasting love? Find out in this steamy Beauty and the Beast romance!

A Widow Gone Wild

After the tragic ending to her marriage, Pippa, the Countess of Longmere, vows never to fall in love again. The former paragon decides to live life by her own rules, finding new purpose as an agent with Lady Charlotte Fayne’s investigative society. As Pippa embarks on a dangerous mission, she encounters a man from her past who reawakens her youthful dreams and ignites her deepest desires…

A Brute with a Noble Heart

After surviving brutal beginnings, Timothy Cullen has become the powerful leader of the mudlarks, a gang of scavengers dealing in goods and information. Known as the Prince of Larks, Cull is a feared and mythical figure in the London underworld, and he lives in the shadows, using his mystique to protect those under his care. Yet beneath his scarred façade beats a secret longing: to be seen by the woman he has loved from afar since he was a lad…

A Love Written in the Stars

Brought together by a deadly mystery, Pippa and Cull discover fiery passion and all-consuming love. Yet their enemies, past and present, are closing in. In order to survive, they must surrender their secrets and trust in love…before time runs out.

Holy Moley! Grace Callaway has outdone herself this time and it’s a good thing the A/C was working properly, or I might have gone up in flames! SPOILER WARNING: There is a lot of super steamy goodness in this latest installment of Ms. Callaway’s, “Lady Charlotte’s Society of Angels”, series and “Oooh! It’s so good!”


Yummy sex scenes aside, this story also has a LOT of heart. In a series that provides a historical twist on “Charlie’s Angels”, this installment additionally weaves in aspects of “Beauty and the Beast” with a horribly scarred anti-hero who has been in love with our heroine, from afar, for years.

After an unhappy marriage ends in murder, recently widowed Pippa joins the Angels hoping for a distraction from her pain and guilt but discovers a true passion for the work. While on a mission, Pippa crosses paths once again with the man who broke her heart fourteen years earlier and her life will never be the same.

When Pippa’s mission takes a deadly turn and Cull’s search for justice for one of his mudlark’s collide, the duo agrees to work together to find the villain behind both. In the process old passions re-ignite, along with feelings long denied and old truths revealed that challenge Pippa’s vow to never love again and Cull’s fear of allowing someone he cares about into his dangerous world.

Cull and Pippa’s story is SO sweet, and powerfully emotional that all the sexy bits are just frothy, icing on the cake of a fabulous second-chance love story that you will want to read on repeat, over and over again.

I can NOT wait for the next installment of this series and know in the interim I will be going back to revisit the amazing cast of characters in this interwoven world of intrigue and passion that Ms. Callaway has created for us.


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