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Gentleman Seeks Bride

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Megan Frampton

Hazards of Dukes: Book 4

November 30th, 2021

It’s a well-known fact that when a man is in search of a bride, a good dowry is never a hindrance.

Thomas Sharpe is handsome, well-bred, and desperately in need of a wealthy bride. His father has lost their income, his sister needs looking after, and so to save them all from a life of poverty he travels to London in search of an heiress.

Enter Lady Jane Capel. After her fiancé ended their engagement two years ago, Jane boldly left her parents’ home and moved in with her half-brother Percy. What does one more scandal matter to a family with such a curious reputation? Jane is independent, but not as well versed in life—and love—as she wants.

The two of them strike a deal: Thomas will show her all there is to know about the world —and intimacy—and Jane will help him find a bride. But the more time they spend together and the closer they get, the two of them soon realize that things aren’t so simple when it comes to men and women...

After doing what she is "supposed to", nearly lands Lady Jane Capel into a disastrous marriage, she decides it's time to explore what SHE wants, even when it means being disowned by her parents.

Two years later, Jane is content living with her half-brother Percy, but still yearns for something more.

Thomas Sharpe is also looking for "more". More money, that is. To save his elderly parents and shy younger sister from the family's dire financial straits, he must find and marry a wealthy heiress as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, after years of playing the handsome charmer without substance, he finds that while the ladies will giddily flirt with a rake they will run for hills before marrying one.

After an unwarranted rescue by Thomas while looking for an adventure, Jane proposes a plan what will help them both. She will help woo an heiress to Thomas' side and in exchange he will escort Jane to places no "respectable" lady would ever dare enter alone.

Of course all that walking on the wild side leads to stolen kisses, passionate embraces and soul-sharing conversations that make not falling in love impossible. Unfortunately, love wont' save his family and it will take the two of them to either see him unhappily married to a wealthy bride or to come up with a plan that will allow them to follow their hearts.

I love this role reversal story so much! And Thomas and Jane are just so perfectly attuned to each other that even knowing they will inevitably get their HEA, the struggle to get there was still a nail-biting experience. (In a good way, of course)

An excellent read, to say the least and another great installment in this already spectacular series. A definite "Must Read!".


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