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Duke Gone Rogue

Christy Carlyle

A Love on Holiday Novel

December 28th, 2021

Will Hart, the Duke of Ashmore, is everything his father was not: scrupulously honest, forbidding, and apparently joyless. As a duke, he’s a catch, but as a grumpy stick-in-the mud, no lady knows quite how to catch his eye. When his sisters concoct a plan for him to visit a run-down family property in Cornwall, he reluctantly agrees, hoping it will be a chance for him to rediscover the carefree man he once was.

Madeline Ravenwood believes she can do anything she puts her mind to, including running the gardening business she inherited from her father and being a founding member of the Royal Visit Committee. Hard at work preparing for Princess Beatrice’s visit to judge their annual flower show, the appearance of a stern, handsome duke is a distraction Maddie doesn’t need.

Tasked by the committee to convince the duke to repair his ramshackle manor house in time for the royal visit, he agrees, if she will join him as he explores Cornwall. Spending their days, and nights, together, Will’s love for Maddie becomes too strong to ignore. But Maddie knows how different their worlds are and when the burdens of his title reappear, can Will convince her that she’s the woman he’s been waiting for?

In a refreshing change of pace, Duke Gone Rogue, completely avoids over complicated plots, lurking villains and the usual angst to provide a sweet and simple love story between Will and Maggie that fittingly feels like a romantic vacation.

After being pushed into taking a holiday by his sisters, Will resigns himself to spending a few weeks alone on the estate his father used for many of his scandalous parties and plans to sell as quickly as possible. Until, of course, he meets Maggie.

After a chance encounter in London Maggie never thought she would set eyes on Will again, but fate has other plans. In preparation for a royal visit that could insure the success of the nursery she inherited from her father, Maggie needs Will to gussy up the estate he wants nothing to do with and a bargain is struck.

While Maggie acts as Will's tour guide of sorts, finding ways for him to actively enjoy his "holiday", the two quickly become friends who are open and honest about their shared attraction while also aware of the duties that could keep them apart.

I loved how at ease Maggie and Will were with each other right from the beginning and even when things become intimate, it feels completely natural as though they have been together forever. A "happily ever after" was never really in doubt for these two and the ending was simply perfect.

I first read this story a few months ago, but wanted to re-read it again before writing a review closer to the release date and it honestly felt as though I was reading it for the first time all over again. Duke Gone Rogue will definitely be given a place of honor on my TBR-AGAIN list.


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